Deaf man tasered by police

In Wichita, Kansas, a man who got out of  the tub turned around and saw police with their guns pointing at him.  The deaf man was gesturing that he could not hear yet the officers thought he was refusing to obey their commands.  They shot him with a taser.  Now first of all the officers had a lack of training.  They quickly assumed that the man posed a threat to them.  How could that happen? The man had a towel wrapped around him and he was making gestures that he was deaf.  The officers need more training in how to deal with these sort of situations.  They seem like very unexperienced officers with a clear lack of training.


“Over 300 deaths” related with tasers

John’s Hopkins supports Taser International so there’s a group that has put up a petition online, calling especially for health care professionals, to persuade the university to dissociate themselves from the taser-supporting group, Taser International.  Poorly trained officers using tasers as an unnecessary force MUST be stopped.  I agree with the United Nations that it is a “form of torture.” Also the organization, Taser International has been regarded as a “scandal-plagued company” and who have been involved with lawsuits and fraud investigations.

Link to petition:

Taser International’s website

After browsing Taser International’s website, I have found that it is a company that actually sells tasers and other equipment for the taser weapon.  It is a site aimed towards the law enforcement, yet anyone can buy the company’s products.  Selling tasering products publicly should be illegal.  Tasers should only be controlled by properly trained law enforcement officials and only when the necessary force is needed.

Stupid cop tasers man because of speeding ticket

A man who was caught speeding refused to sign the ticket.  The cop fired the taser.  A screaming woman  from the passenger side of the car came out and the cop yelled “get back inside or you are going to jail, too.”  Supposedly there are videos on Youtube of this incident.  I can’t imagine the man being aggressive to a point where he would hurt someone just because he refused to sign the ticket.  The police officer should have been trained to keep the situation calm so the man would go ahead and sign it.  Police officers should be more knowledgeable on these aspects to avoid hurting people who in no way will hurt anyone.

Teacher arrested for letting student name teddy bear “Mohammed”

A British teacher based in Sudan was arrested because she let one of her students name the class teddy bear “Mohammed.” Many of the parents complained the name was offensive to the religion of Islam. This is ridiculous that this minor event was a big deal. Sudan needs to learn to tolerate these things.

An Interesting Article I Found on School Cameras

$28,000 for the security cameras. How about if that money goes into something A LOT more worthwhile for the students…Like educational supplies. The security police seems quite paranoid because they think the high school needs so much expensive equipment to boost the security.

Invited to this party…?!

Uhhh…No thanks.

“What can $611 billion buy?”

It’s interesting to see how $611 billion could benefit our society if it did not go into this “lame-war” effort. It could solve many of the issues that we are facing right now. To name a few that the website has listed:
1. Poverty

2. Pollution

3. Education

4. College tuition

5. Healthcare

6. Nation’s infrastructure

7. Gas
Interesting, huh?


The police do it yet again, this time in Italy. An Italian policeman shot a Lazio soccer club fan because of the increasing violence by soccer supporters. The policeman said he shot a warning shot to stop the violence before match. The man died and more violence ensued as riots erupted. This resulted in all of the top league soccer games in Italy to be postponed for the day. The Italian sports ministry is thinking about how to solve this situation.

This is horrific and I do believe the policeman should be charged “guilty” because of his acts. There are better ways to stop soccer hooliganism in Europe instead of the police having to take their guns out and shoot fans.

A 15 hour journey for a Polish man turns deadly.

A Polish man, flied 15 hours to Canada to meet up with his mother at a Canadian airport. The man passed the security checkpoints and had his papers done, yet he was kept in one of the arrival halls for as long as 10 hours. The man became frustrated and impatient. He was also agitated because of the language barriers. As the police confronted him, within 24 seconds, they tasered him. The 41 year old man died close to a “Welcome” totem pole in the airport.

This news is quite upsetting how the police can use a taser like this just because the man became rowdy. The police should be trained to handle minor situations like this.


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